Indoors is for Training Racing.

The dedicated free-to-play racing game for indoor cyclists.

Offline and live racing game modes...

Race on segments against your personal record and others' previous attempts. Score fast times to top in-game leaderboards.

Race with up to 16 riders in elimination, points, and scratch racing modes. Accurate drafting and phone-enabled steering.

... on over 250km of open road.

Download the BETA game.

Requires Mac OS Mojave or later. Low end version coming soon.

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

Questions + Answers

  • Why did you build The Rivet?

    We think that indoor cycling can be so much more than a way to train out of the rain. We didn't understand why there wasn't an indoor cycling game that's as fun to play as a video game, as good a workout as a structured training session and as entertaining to watch as the Tour De France. So we decided to build it!

  • What physical hardware do I need to play The Rivet?

    You need a bike, an indoor trainer and a bluetooth power meter (many trainers have these installed directly).

  • I have Tacx/Wahoo/other smart trainer - can The Rivet control my trainer?

    We fully support Tacx and FTMS compatible trainers and can read power from most others (as long as they have Bluetooth). We plan on soon building a custom integration with Wahoo. Stay updated below to find out when.

  • I don't have a dedicated GPU. Can I run the high-end version of the game?

    You can especially if you have a realtively powerful machine. The high-end version of the game allows you to decrease the graphics from the settings to get a smooth experience. The low-end version of the game uses a totally distinct rendering method which results in much higher FPS on integrated GPUs.

  • How can I contact you?

    Email me! .